On October 19, a tour took place in the new MMG Tower, in the Costa del Este area of Panamá City, to oversee progress that is taking place in the new headquarters of Morgan & Morgan. In this tour, led by Mr. Juan Felipe de la Iglesia, we learned about the different features of the new tower, which is a unique in our country, and has spectacular views of Panama City.

For this project, we are working with the highest quality materials that cause the least possible environmental impact, such as recycled steel beams that were used in the building, glass panels that cover the tower and maximize the use of sunlight, and the water system, which plans to reuse rainwater for other tasks in the tower.

The basic structure of the new MMG Tower is nearing completion and the team is already starting to create the inner details of the tower, such as marble coverings, floors, and others, which are estimated to be ready in about 7 months.