Morgan & Morgan hosted on Friday November 23, the 6th meeting of the “Bureau of Business Strategies for Climate Change” under the GHG Protocol methodology organized by SUMARSE. Morgan & Morgan has been participating regularly in these sessions, which are intended to primarily measure the impact of the carbon footprint of the participating companies and their impact on greenhouse gases. This panel includes representatives of COPA, ETESA, Casa de las Baterías, CEMEX, Banco General, Stratego, AES Panama, Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia de Panamá, AED de Costa Rica (Asociación  de Empresarios para el Desarrollo) and Morgan & Morgan .

In this session there were two excellent presentations, the first by the Engineer Juan Felipe de la Iglesia, who reported on the construction of the new MMG Tower and the process of obtaining LEED Gold certification. The second presentation was made by the Engineer Manfred Kooper from AED (Costa Rica), who explained their Ecological Blue Flag Program, which is being implemented in Costa Rica, and has helped companies to measure the impact of their activities on the environment. This has enabled the development of reduction and mitigation strategies, while opening a window to the exchange of best practices among the participating companies.

With this initiative Morgan & Morgan, through its Ecological Group (GEM), participates as a pioneer in voluntary CO 2 measurements, its impact on daily activities performed by the Group, and reinforces its commitment to environmental protection by tangible actions on saving and sustainability.